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Ground Marine-air Fireworks Smoke Flare Distress Signals

  Following the spirit of "Quality is Life", for the past 20 years ,we have been striving steadfastly in the field of marine life equipments and developed into a group consisting of 8 members with modern technology, perfect aftersale-services, advanced testing methods. All the products from their designs to their last touches are under strict supervision and guidances of 1983 Amendment of SOLAS1974 and the Register of Shipping of the People's Republic of China . The products have been selling well both in domestic and world markets. The group is the largest of its kind in China and has developed new varities of products such as fireworks, fire extinguishing equipments and printing paper so that the comprehensive competitiveness has been greatly enhanced.Our make and purvey products are:

1. Marine Red Flare Signal

11.Breathing Appratus For Divers

21.Fireman's Outfit

2. Marine Red Flare Parachute Signal

12. G.R.P Totally Enclosed Freefall Lifeboat

22.Portable Air Foam Gun

3.Lifebuoy Self-Flash Floating Lamp Smoke Signal

13. G.R.P Half-Enclosed Freefall Lifeboat

23.Fire and heat Insulated suit

4.Lifebuoy Orange-Coloured Smoke Signal

14.Inflatable Liferaft


5.Marine Orange-Coloured Smoke Signal

15.Models of Inflatable Liferafts

Red Flares Signal for Highway

6.Marine Life Line Thrower


Red/Green/White Flares (PD1005) 

7.Marine Line Thrower Apparatus

17.Fog Clocks

Red Flare for Highway Signal (PD5F)  

8.Hydrostatic Release

18.Drinking water and food for life emergency

Traffic Torch for Highway (PD20F) 

9.Insulated Immersion Suit

19.Lifejacket and Lifebuoy

Red Flares for Highway Signal

10.Thermal Protective Aids

20.Model ZHK-1 Breathing appratus

Signal Flare

  The group company sincerely hopes to have your help as you have been immensely helped us in the past.We sincerely hope to establish and develop the business relation with customers all over the world. If you need further information do not hesitate to contact me.
Factory director: Xu Xiangwei
hina Wanzai Fireworks Scientific Experimental Factory
Address: Jinsanjiao,Wanzai County, Jiangxi province 336100 China
Mobile: 0086-13607054888 (Sarah), 0086-13767552888 (Ellen)
TEL: 0086-795-8900600,8900700  FAX: 0086-795-8900800,8900900

We Manufacture Marine Distress Signals: Marine Red Flare Signal, Marine Red Flare Parachute Signals, Lifebuoy Self-Flash Floating Lamp Smoke Singal, Lifebuoy Orange-Coloured Smoke Singal, Marine Orange-Coloured Smoke Singal, Marine Life Line Thrower.

Tel:+86 795 8900600,8900700   Fax:+86 795 8900800,8900900    E-mail: 

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